All advertisements are subject to's standard terms and conditions. Publishers are reminded of their legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010. Further information is available on the Equality and Human Rights Commission site.


  1. All Advertisements accepted for publication by ('') in any of its print or online publications are accepted subject to these terms and conditions. Any other conditions proposed by the Buyer shall be void unless accepted by in writing.
  2. In these conditions: "Publisher" means the person whose goods or services are advertised; "Advertisement" means display, recruitment, online, email, mail order and classified advertising and shall include inserts, supplements and re-directed advertisements; "Buyer" means the person placing the order for the insertion of the Advertisement; "Medium" means the print or online publication taking the booking. " Site" means the website(s) onto which an Advertisement is sold
  3. All Advertisements are accepted subject to space being available in the Medium.
  4. reserves the right to cancel any order without liability in the event of becoming aware of any meetings of creditors, bankruptcy, liquidation proceedings, the appointment of a receiver or administrative receiver over the whole or substantial part of the Buyer's assets, or any indication whatsoever of financial difficulties.
  5. reserves the right to cancel any order without liability in the event of rejection by a medium of any kind or reason accepted in writing.
  6. These conditions and all other express terms of the contract between and the Buyer shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Laws of The United States of America and the parties hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the United States of America Courts. The Buyer agrees at all times in its conduct of business with or on behalf of strictly to comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, codes, regulations, standards and judicial and administrative orders (jointly “Applicable Laws”) relevant to its duties, obligations and performance including, without limitation, Applicable Laws related to bribery such as the United States Foreign Corrupt Practice Act and the UK Bribery Act and those enforced in the country where the Buyer is resident or conducts its business. Buyer and its officers, directors, employees and agents shall engage only in legitimate business and ethical practices in commercial operations and in relation to its dealings with any employee or official of a government agency or any other government owned, operated or controlled entity (including, without limitation, state run universities, hospitals and libraries), or political parties or candidates (jointly “Government Official”). Neither Buyer nor any of its officers, directors, employees or agents shall pay, offer, give, promise or authorize the payment, directly or indirectly, of any monies or anything of value to any commercial contact or Government Official for the purpose or intent to induce such person to use his/her authority to help the Buyer,, and/or any affiliate of for personal gain or for that of the or its affiliates (any such act, a “Prohibited Payment”). A Prohibited Payment does not include a payment of reasonable and bona fide expenditures, such as travel or lodging expenses, which are directly related to the promotion, demonstration or explanation of products or services or the execution or performance of a contract, provided that such payments are permissible under Applicable Laws. Buyer further agrees not to accept any payment or other benefit in money or in kind from any person as an inducement or reward for any act or forbearance or in connection with any matter or business transacted by or on behalf of Buyer to contract as Principal
  7. The Buyer warrants that the Buyer contracts with as principal notwithstanding that the Buyer may be acting directly or indirectly for the Publisher as an advertising agent or media buyer or in some other representative capacity. Where the Buyer is the Publisher's advertising agency, the Buyer warrants that it is authorised by the Publisher to place the Advertisement with

Delivery and Ownership of materials

  1. Materials delivered must conform to's specifications. reserves the right to charge the Buyer for work it required to amend materials to conform to its specifications but accepts no liability for such work.
  2. Any intellectual property rights in designs prepared by shall remain the property of and Advertisements including such designs may not be reproduced without's consent.

Booking procedures

  1. If an Advertisement includes a promotion, competition or a special offer of merchandise the Publisher must provide full details to on request.

Prices and Payment terms

  1. Prices published by from time to time are subject to revision at any time and orders are accepted on the condition that the price binds only in respect of the period specified in the applicable rate card.
  2. Series discounts apply only to orders placed in advance and completed within the agreed period. reserves the right to adjust advance discounts and/or to surcharge in the event of a series of Advertisements not being completed within that period. If the Buyer cancels the balance of a contract to publish a series of Advertisements, except in the circumstances set out in paragraph 23, it relinquishes any series discount and all Advertisements will be paid for at the appropriate rate.
  3. Prices are exclusive of applicable Value Added Tax which the Buyer shall additionally be liable to pay to
  4. Credit accounts must be settled in accordance with the terms shown on the invoice, which are strictly net. In default, all outstanding transactions will become liable for immediate settlement. Interest will be charged monthly on overdue accounts at the rate of 2% above the HSBC Bank plc Minimum Lending Rate.

Limitations on's Liability

  1. Except to the extent specified in paragraph 15, shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Buyer as a result of any total or partial failure (howsoever caused) of publication, distribution or availability of any Medium in which any Advertisement is scheduled to be included or for any error, misprint or omission in the printing of any Advertisement. In the event of an error or omission by, which detracts materially from the Advertisement, will either reinsert the Advertisement or relevant part of the Advertisement in a subsequent issue or make a reasonable refund of or adjustment to the price paid by the Buyer. No reinsertion, refund or adjustment will be made for any other error or omission or where the error or omission is the result of delivery of materials which do not comply with’s specifications.
  2. The total liability of to the Buyer for any act or omission of, its servants or agents relating to any Advertisement shall not exceed the amount of a full refund of any price paid to for the Advertisement or the cost of a reasonably comparable further or corrective Advertisement. Without limiting the foregoing, shall not be liable for any loss of profits or business or for indirect or consequential loss. accepts no liability for the repetition of an error in an Advertisement ordered for more than one insertion unless notified immediately the error occurs. Complaints regarding reproduction of printed Advertisements must be received in writing within one calendar month of the cover date.
  3. accepts no responsibility for the quality of reproduction of any photograph supplied by the Buyer, its agents or servants.

Cancellation or suspension

  1. Cancellation or suspension of an Advertisement by the Buyer must be received in writing by within the period specified by the appropriate Medium. Periods for acceptance of cancellation or suspension vary in accordance with differing production requirements. No refunds shall be made nor claimed in case of an explicit cancellation by the Buyer after Advertisement has been delivered to Mediums.
  2. reserves the right to omit or suspend an Advertisement at any time for good reason, without liability to the Buyer and shall notify the Buyer as soon as possible. If such omission or suspension is due to the act or default of the Buyer, the Publisher or their respective servants or agents, then the Buyer shall pay for the Advertisement in full notwithstanding that the Advertisement has not been published.

Buyer's Warranties and Indemnities

  1. The Buyer warrants that the Advertisement does not contravene the American Code of Advertising Practice and is not in breach of any relevant legislation, including the Equality Act 2010, the Obscene Publications Act and any other legislation or regulation, such as those relating to the provision of Financial Services, which apply to specific Publishers, products or services.
  2. If any Advertisement submitted for publication contains the name or pictorial representation (photographic or otherwise) of any living person and/or any part of any living person and/or copy by which any living person is or can be readily identified, the Buyer warrants that the Buyer or the Publisher has obtained the authority of such living person to make use of such name, representation and/or copy.
  3. The Buyer will indemnify and hold harmless from and against any claim that the Advertisement infringes the copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights of any person or that it is defamatory or infringes any other right of any person. reserves the right to withdraw and/or refuse to publish an Advertisement without liability to the Buyer if it reasonably believes that the Advertisement may make or the Publisher liable to any complaint, claim or proceedings.
  4. The Buyer is solely responsible for fulfilling and dealing with any orders or enquiries relating to the goods, services or promotion to which the Advertisement relates and will indemnify and hold harmless accordingly.


  1. The Buyer must deliver complete creative content to at in a format which complies with's online ad formats for such content. Otherwise, may not be able to achieve the specified go-live date but the Buyer must pay the full amount irrespective of whether any delivery target for impressions have been met.
  2. If the Buyer is supplying creative content or change of creative to be used in rotations, in the form of a redirected advertisement, the Buyer must inform in advance.
  3. If an Advertisement links to another site, the Buyer is responsible for maintaining the link and for the content of the linked site. may remove any Advertisement which contains content or links to a site which, in's opinion, is defamatory or objectionable or will bring into disrepute. The Buyer will indemnify from and against any claims or liability arising from links contained in an Advertisement.
  4. Advertisements may contain only such information and code as is necessary to run the Advertisement effectively on the relevant Site. Advertisements may not contain tags, cookies, beacons or similar technology which identifies users of any Site or enables the Buyer or any third party to serve such users with any advertising other than the Advertisement.
  5. If an Advertisement is supplied which does not comply with these terms and conditions or receives complaints regarding an Advertisement, may, at its discretion, remove the Advertisement from display without reference or liability to the Buyer.
  6. Where an Advertisement is sold on a cpm basis, will provide the Buyer with delivery statistics and campaign reports on a regular basis throughout the campaign period. The statistics and other reports provided by shall, in the absence of manifest error, be binding on the Buyer and are in lieu of any other right of audit.
  7. The Buyer's sole remedy if, or its third party subcontractors who may host and serve Advertisements from time to time, make an error in displaying any Advertisement is the cost of re-running the relevant Advertisement. Neither nor its subcontractors shall be liable for failure to display the Advertisement caused by circumstances outside their control.


  1. issues a threshold of a minimum 20$ per single withdrawal to an Advertiser paypal account, subjected to Paypal fees and terms.
  2. shall not be held responsible for any sort of ban, cancellation or dismissal of payment made on Paypal's behalf.
  3. is entitled to hold and delay any payment made to advertisers in case of a disclosure requirement.